Rider's Journal Podcast - Episode 1

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first episode of our Rider's Journal video podcast! In this series, we dive into the world of motorcycle riding with proud owners of the Brummell Motorcycle Blazer. In our first episode we sat down with László Szabó, an attorney and a passionate motorcyclist, who will be sharing his firsthand experience following a recent motorcycle accident while wearing our Brummell Blazer. For a recap of the discussion, continue reading the blog below, or click on the provided link to enjoy the full podcast. Let's dive into the conversation!


Nino: Laz, could you tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from and what do you do for work?

Laz: Sure, I'm an attorney who spent the last 20 years both commuting as well as working in higher education. So predominantly with universities and colleges in America. And as much as I can, I try to commute on a motorcycle.


Laszlo Szabo Brummell Motorcycle Blazer Owner


Nino: Curious to learn more about that. What do you ride, what’s your daily rider?

Laz: So, I originally got into riding by riding off-road, not like heavy duty enduro motorcycles, but my first bike was a Honda CRF 250L. And, right now, I have three Triumphs. I have a Thruxton 1200 that I enjoy a lot. It's got a great sound. My commuter bike, which is way overpowered but is fun, is a Speed Triple 1200 RS. And then, I have a 1200RR, which is track dedicated only. So, my accident actually happened on the 1200 RS.




Nino: How often do you commute with your motorcycle to work or to any other events?

Laz: I commute about four days a week, totaling around 9,000 to 10,000 miles a year. My ride varies from highways to urban streets, adapting to whatever the Philadelphia weather throws at me.


Nino: Walk me through the journey of dressing up for work, what would you wear? Are you mostly overalls type of guy, or do you do jacket and pants?

 Laz: That's a great question. Because I have a job that usually requires me to wear a suit, what I've done actually before I got your product, was I would wear one set of clothing for the commute, then change into work clothes, and then change back into riding gear which was quite a hassle. I think this is actually the experience of most motorcyclists. You know, I'm 47, I want to keep riding for another four decades.


Customer Journey Before Owning a Brummell Blazer


Nino: Has there ever been a situation where you had to arrive dressed up aside from work?

 Laz: Yes, and I've navigated social events by carrying a change of clothes in my saddle bags.


Nino: How did you discover Brummell, how did you hear about us?

 Laz: Frustrated with the inconvenience of changing clothes that I just described, and many others go through, I searched online for motorcycle blazers and found Brummell. What caught my attention was not only the stylish design but also its safety certifications.


Motorcycle Blazer Google Search


Nino: What impressed you the most with the Brummell Blazer?

 Laz: The ability to switch Skins for different looks without having to buy an entire new Brummell Blazer. And, the quality of the fabric exceeded my expectations.


Nino: You were in an accident wearing the Brummell Blazer, right? Can you tell us a bit more?

 Laz: Sure! I was commuting to work in the middle of December in the Philly area, so it was fairly cold. I was going from my office on campus to another building. Riding at around 30 miles per hour, a reasonable speed given how fast everyone else is going, I unexpectedly hit black ice. This caused my motorcycle to lose traction, resulting in a high-side accident. I instinctively extended my arms, leading to a broken arm upon impact. Now, with respect to the Brummell Blazer, I had zero contusions anywhere meaning no scratches, no slides, even though the knuckles of my riding gloves were definitely well scraped through. I have an Arai helmet and that got scraped through enough on the back that I ended up needing to buy another helmet because this was no longer safe to use. However, my skin was unscathed, and the Brummell Blazer's protective layer remained intact.


Brummell Blazer


Nino: The Brummell Blazer protected your skin, shoulders, elbows, and back, right?

 Laz: Yeah, that's correct. I'm one of those folks who doesn't leave product reviews. And, I reached out to you folks because I was so impressed. I mean, I ended up sliding several parking lots, and when I got up, my skin was completely fine. The protective layer of the Brummell Blazer remained untouched, and, there were only holes on the outer layer, Brummell Skin. 


Nino: That’s great to hear! Alright, last but not least, would you recommend the Brummell Blazer to your friends or riding buddies?

Laz: Absolutely. And unequivocally, whether worn for a commute or as I said, what was supposed to be for me probably a one and a half mile ride from one end of campus to the other, you know, long or short commute, absolutely. It more than did its job.


And that wraps up our first episode of the Brummell video podcast series! A huge thank you to Laz for graciously sharing his story with us. His experience serves as a powerful reminder of the vital role protective gear plays in the lives of riders. We're delighted to learn how our product not only offered him style but also ensured his safety during a recent accident he had with this bike. Stay tuned for more exciting interviews with motorcycle riders from around the world. Until next time, ride safe everyone!

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