Dressing for Motorcycle Rides to the Office

Riding your motorcycle to work can offer a sense of freedom and adventure, but it can be challenging if you need to look professional. Choosing the right clothes and managing changes and storage can be tricky. In this guide, we'll look at simple solutions for getting dressed up for work and riding your motorcycle, solving common problems along the way.


Motorcycle Jacket and Motorcycle Jeans


Motorcycle Jacket


One choice is to wear motorcycle jeans and a jacket for the ride, and carry your suit in the saddlebags. However, be cautious as your suit could get wrinkled, and frequent changes between riding gear and work attire may not be ideal. Leaving a suit at work is another possibility, but you'll need a designated spot for your clothes, and it might not work well for meetings outside the office.


Protective Base Layer Underneath a Normal Suit


Protective Base Layer


Another option is to wear a protective base layer under your normal suit. These garments provide discreet protection while maintaining style.  Look for breathable options and plan for changing and storage ahead of time. Keep in mind that you might need to go for a suit one size larger to accommodate the protective layer. Additionally, wearing extra layers can cause discomfort during your ride, and make you feel very hot.


Overall Over the Suit You Wear




Wearing overalls over your work attire is another possibility. You can change in the parking lot, restroom, or office, and if there's space, you can store them in the saddlebags. If not, you'll need to find storage options like asking a receptionist or having a locker. However, be aware that overalls might cause wrinkles to your suit, feel uncomfortable and hot, and may not be the most fashionable choice. Additionally, changing in public or in a restroom might not be for everyone.


Brummell Motorcycle Blazer and Motorcycle Pants


Brummell Blazer


The Brummell Blazer is a game-changer for riders who want style and safety. It looks like a regular blazer, but it's reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® and impact protectors on the inside. Unlike bulky motorcycle jackets, it's designed for comfort, lighter and more breathable. You can even take out the protective layer if needed. No need to change outfits or stress about storage—just enjoy an elegant look all day long. Pair it with riding jeans or chino pants for a professional appearance. Get your Brummell Blazer here.


In conclusion, dressing up for work and riding a motorcycle is completely achievable with the right choices. Whether you go for a motorcycle jacket, a base layer, overalls, or the Brummell Blazer, always prioritize safety and comfort. Choose what works best for you and enjoy the ride!

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