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The Brummell Story



We're dedicated to revolutionizing riding gear by crafting the world's first stylish yet protective motorcycle attire. We believe that riders should enjoy a full day of riding with gear that not only ensures safety but also exudes a sophisticated and elegant look.

Born from the fusion of fashion and motorcycles, Brummell represents a new era in the motorcycle world.

2019 - Our Journey Begins

how do i dress up for work?

In 2019, a spark ignited, and an idea took shape. It all started with a personal problem faced by our founder, Nino. A dedicated entrepreneur and passionate motorcyclist, he found himself torn between two worlds.

While commuting to work, attending meetings, and joining various events, he struggled to find the perfect motorcycle gear that seamlessly blended with his business attire.

The challenge was real: how to ride with style while staying protected?



Extensive research revealed that Nino's predicament was not unique; it resonated with millions of motorcyclists worldwide.

It was this shared struggle that ultimately fueled our passion and gave birth to a groundbreaking idea: the world's first elegant motorcycle apparel.

This vision took shape as Brummell, a nod to Beau Brummell, the iconic figure who shaped the modern suit.

2020 - From Concept To Reality


The lenghty R&D Process

In 2020, we assembled a talented team to turn our vision into reality. Little did we know that this endeavor would be far more complex than we initially imagined.
Countless hours were dedicated to designing the Brummell Blazer with all the essential features in mind: protective fabrics, impact protectors, gussets, a ventilation system, a windproof gilet, etc. 

We meticulously tested various materials, outer layers, and protectors to ensure the utmost quality and performance. 

 Our journey was marked by prototypes and testing, each iteration a step closer to our ultimate goal.

2021 - Product Launch

Limited Founders Edition

After months of hard work, the final prototype of the Brummell Blazer was ready, and we couldn't wait to share it with the world. To gauge riders' interest and support, we launched a Kickstarter campaign in May. The response was overwhelming, and we not only met our funding goal but surpassed it.

Motorcyclists worldwide embraced the Brummell concept, and our innovative creation caught the attention of prestigious media outlets such as Forbes, RideApart, Silodrome, CafeRacer.fr, Bike EXIF, Moto-zone, and more.

In October, the first edition of the Brummell Blazer was shipped to early adopters around the world. The feedback was incredible.

The media about the limited founders edition:

- "A clever blazer that both looks sharp and protects motorcycle riders."

- "Because distinguished gentlemen ride every day."

- "An alternative to a motorcycle jacket for riders who need to dress more formally."

- "It’s a surprisingly well-considered piece of gear."

- "You can enjoy your ride and stay safe, all while looking classy."



In November, we proudly presented the Brummell Blazer at the prestigious EICMA EXPO, which stands as the world's grandest stage for all things motorcycle-related. Held annually in Milan, Italy, EICMA attracts enthusiasts, industry leaders, and motorcycle aficionados from across the globe, making it the ultimate showcase for innovation and excellence in the motorcycling world.

The Brummell Blazer quickly caught the attention of attendees, both seasoned riders and curious newcomers. They were eager to try on the Brummell Blazer and were amazed by the style and attention to the detail it featured.

2022 – Elevating The Innovation

The positive response encouraged us to take our innovation even further. We envisioned a way to separate the protective features from the outer appearance of the blazer, offering riders the freedom to change their style effortlessly. 

Countless iterations later, the Brummell Blazer V2 was born.

CE EN17092 CErtified

We subjected the Brummell Blazer V2 to rigorous testing under the world's newest and strictest regulation for motorcycle apparel EN17092:2020. 

The blazer surpassed all the tests for abrasion resistance, impact protection, tear and seam strength etc, and got officially certified as Class A urban riding gear.


EICMA Comeback

Once again, we showcased our commitment to quality and innovation at EICMA, leaving visitors deeply impressed with the level of novelty and excellence embodied in the Brummell Blazer V2.


2023 – A Year Of Expansion And Engagement


This year, we've ramped up production, and the Brummell Blazer V2 is now available in three striking colors: deep black, dark check grey, and royal navy. We believe in giving our riders options that not only protect but also express their individual style.


Proud sponsors of
the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 
Los angeles

Our commitment to the motorcycle community goes beyond crafting exceptional gear. We’ve been actively engaging with the riding community and taking part in the motorcycle world's vibrant events. 

We were thrilled to sponsor the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in Los Angeles for a third year in a row, an event that perfectly aligns with our vision of elegance and style on two wheels.
In a monumental moment for Brummell, our advertisement graced the iconic billboards of Times Square, the heart of of New York City.

 And, it was more than an advertisement; it was a declaration of our mission to elevate the riding experience and change the way the world perceives motorcycle apparel.

Brummell in retail stores


Brummell in retail stores

We've also expanded our presence on the retail front, making it even easier for riders to get their hands on the Brummell Blazer. 

You can now find our blazers at four select stores, each with its own unique charm and character: Heroes Motors in Malibu, California; Southern California Motorcycles in Brea, California; Sky Moto, and Triumph Motorcycles in Skopje, North Macedonia. 

The Story Goes On

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and redefining what motorcycle apparel can be. 

We're not just expanding our product range and availability; we're strengthening our bonds with riders and communities worldwide.



Brummell is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle, an expression of passion, style, and the unbreakable spirit of the modern rider. Join us on this remarkable journey, and together, let's continue to redefine motorcycle apparel.

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