Can the Brummell Blazer V2 be tailored? A closer look at customising your blazer

Fashion and functionality merge seamlessly with the Brummell Blazer V2, a revolutionary motorcycle jacket designed to offer both protection and style. As a rider, you might wonder if it's possible to tailor the Brummell Blazer to achieve a personalized fit. So, we'll delve into the tailoring possibilities and explore how you can modify the blazer while ensuring the highest level of protection remains intact.

Brummell Blazer tailoring

Customisation Made Possible:


Starting with the new and improved version, the Brummell Blazer V2 comprises the Brummell Jacket, an inner protective layer, and the Brummell Skin, an outer layer resembling a classic blazer. So, due to the innovative design, adjustments are now possible! However, always remember that alterations should be confined to the Brummell Skin, the outer layer of the blazer. The Brummell Jacket, having undergone rigorous safety testing, must remain untouched to ensure its protective capabilities remain intact.

Brummell Blazer composed of Brummell Jacket and Brummell Skin

Disassembling the Two Parts: 


Before diving into any tailoring modifications, it's essential to remember that the Brummell Blazer V2 consists of two parts: the Brummell Jacket and the Brummell Skin. These two components are connected using zippers and snaps, allowing you to separate them for easy alteration.


Dissembling of Brummell Jacket and Brummell Skin

Consulting a Professional: 


While the Brummell Skin is designed to allow slight alterations, it's crucial to entrust the job to skilled and experienced tailors or alteration specialists. These experts can ensure that alterations are performed accurately and precisely, maintaining the original quality and integrity of the Brummell Skin.

Tailoring Options:

  1. Sleeve Length: One of the most common adjustments riders seek in a blazer is sleeve length. The Brummell Skin is designed to accommodate this modification with ease. A skilled tailor can seamlessly shorten the sleeves, ensuring they fit perfectly and exude a polished look.

  2. Fitted Silhouette: Every rider has a unique body shape, and the Brummell Blazer V2 recognizes this diversity. The Brummell Skin can be tailored to achieve a more fitted silhouette without compromising the protective integrity of the inner Brummell Jacket. Whether you desire a slightly tapered waist or a more tailored appearance, a qualified tailor can make subtle adjustments to cater to your preferences.


Consult a professional tailor


The Brummell Blazer V2's two-part design offers motorcycle riders the best of both worlds: a protective inner layer and a stylish outer blazer. While it is possible to tailor the outer Brummell Skin to achieve a better fit and personalized appearance, remember never to alter the Brummell Jacket, which provides essential safety features.

With the help of a skilled tailor, you can enjoy a customized look that complements your body type and style preferences while ensuring you stay safe and protected on the roads. 

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