The Perfect Outfits for Work With Your Motorcycle

There are a lot of ways to commute to work in today’s cities and especially so in the bigger ones. People use different means of transportation to reach their workplaces. Some go by car, some use public transport, and some commute by motorcycle. This last group needs to take additional care when dressing up for its daily routine. You need to be appropriately dressed for riding in the open while also keeping a stylish look. Fortunately for you, we have a solution for both of your problems – the Brummell Blazer V2.

The Brummell Blazer V2 is a blazer made specifically for motorcyclists. Its main part is the Brummell Jacket which is Class A certified and has various protectors, including shoulder, elbow, and impact ones. What makes the Blazer V2 the ideal choice for your outfit are the Brummell Skins. This is a layer that is attached to the jacket and is responsible for the look of your blazer. You can easily change the Skins, and we have three great options to pick from:

Royal Navy

If you are looking for an outfit that is great for both casual and formal events, a Royal Navy combination is ideal. When it comes to the formal and business side, you can wear a light-colored shirt, preferably a white one. Since the blazer is a navy one, make sure that your pants aren’t anything similar to it. You don’t want your outfit to look like an unmatching suit. The pants’ color can be light brown or even black for more formal occasions. 

Deep Black

Maybe you want your whole outfit to be dedicated to elegance. Thankfully, this Deep Black Brummell Blazer can be combined with a plethora of other clothing. It is preferable that you wear dark pants with this one, black if possible. That doesn’t mean that dark color is a necessity. Black goes well with everything, including lighter colors. For work, deep green and navy blue are also suitable choices. Pop on a blue shirt, a white shirt, or even a white T-shirt, and remember – “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.“

Limited Edition Dark Check Gray

A lot of people think that the dark grey color, even checked, is a bland one. A lot of people are wrong. You have an extremely versatile color to work with, and the checkered design makes it more unique as well. A dark combination will be the one for a formal look, while something brighter should be your choice if you are dressing up for a less-formal occasion. Colder days are ahead of us, so a turtleneck combination can save the day. The Brummell Blazer is here to save you again.

Our third Skin, the Dark Check Grey one is available in our shop, but the stock is limited. As is the case with our other Skins, you can add various details to improve its look. Consider utilizing a tie or combining a windproof gilet with the Skin, depending on the circumstances. Visit our Shop Page to learn more about the products that we offer.

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