Our Story

How It Started

The idea was born in 2019

It all started from a personal problem of not being able to ride with a suit whilst being protected. As an entrepreneur and avid motorcyclist, Nino was riding to his work, meetings, and all other events. But he was struggling to find the right motorcycle gear that would fit with his business outfit for the all-day agenda. He tried carrying a blazer in the saddlebags and dressing up once he arrived, leaving a blazer at work, wearing armor underneath the blazer, etc. However, none of these was a good solution.

We did our research and discovered that this is not solely his problem, but on the contrary, a problem millions of motorcyclists confront on a daily basis. Just like him, they didn’t have a good solution that would keep them protected in case of an accident and at the same time would have the business look they require. There was no motorcycle gear on the market to satisfy the business look of the rider.

That is how we came to the idea to create the first motorcycle blazer. And, we named it Brummell – as Beau Brummell, the person who influenced the development of the modern suit.

Prototyping Phase

Development in 2020

We found the right team to share our story with, and create the first elegant motorcycle apparel.
And, it all sounded way easier than it actually was.

We spent countless hours designing the blazer with all the properties we had envisioned, protective fabrics, impact protectors, gussets, a ventilation system, a windproof gilet, etc.

The materials’ hassle was another thing. We tried so many different protection materials, outer layer fabrics, and protectors to finally chose the ones we liked the most.

One of The First Prototypes

Prototyping and Designing

Testing Different Materials

Innovative and stylish, Brummell is transforming motorcycle gear to meet the needs of the modern rider.

Nino Karas

Co-Founder of Brummell

Product Launch

Launched in 2021

We created the final prototype of the Brummell Blazer and filmed the promo video.

To test the riders’ interest, we launched a Kickstarter campaign in May. We were thrilled that we didn’t just meet the funding goal, but we really exceeded it.

Motorcyclists loved the idea, and we got featured on some of the best media portals in the world, like Forbes, RideApart, Silodrome, CafeRacer.fr, Bike EXIF, Moto-zone, etc.

In October, the first edition of the Brummell Blazer was shipped to early adopters around the world. The feedback was incredible.

In November, we presented the Brummell Blazer at the biggest motorcycle fair in the world, EICMA in Milan, Italy. The blazer was a sensation amongst the visitors.

Advanced Novelties

Introducing Brummell Blazer V2 in 2022

Impressed with the feedback we received, we decided to meet our next challenge. We tried figuring out how to separate the protective features from the outer look of the blazer, so that riders can buy a full Brummell Blazer and then, just change the outer layer. And, we succeeded. After countless iterations, we created the Brummell Blazer V2 which is formed from Brummell Skin and Brummell Jacket.

We tested and certified the Brummell Blazer V2 under the newest and strictest so far, regulation for motorcycle clothing, EN17092:4-2020.

The Brummell Blazer V2 was produced and we exhibited it at EICMA again. The visitors were impressed with the levels of novelty and quality.

What's Next

Brummell in 2023

New, bigger quantities of the Brummell Blazer V2 are being produced, and we are ready for this riding season. But we don’t stop here. We are currently working on new, innovative Brummell products that we will introduce later on. And, we would love for you to share our journey of creating the world’s first elegant motorcycle apparel company and forever changing the motorcycle gear industry.

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