How to Take Care of Your Brummell Blazer

The Brummell Blazer is made from premium quality materials and is extremely durable under many conditions. However, it is still prone to damage if you fail to properly take care of it. In the user manual of your Brummell Blazer you get detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions. However here are a few extra tips that will make sure your Brummell Blazer looks brand new for the years to come.

Use the right coat hanger

A coat hanger is something that we rarely pay attention to. We don’t notice the differences between hangers and their respective pros and cons. A blazer is a delicate piece of clothing and the wrong coat hanger can and will cause it serious damage. They should always be hung on hangers with fully-contoured shoulders. Be careful not to purchase ones that are too wide, because they will crease the sleeves instead of being on par with the shoulders.

Dry cleaning your Brummell Skin

Let’s face it, dry cleaning is sometimes necessary. For example, the Brummell Skin is made out of such material that it can benefit from this method of cleaning. But that doesn’t mean that you should overdo it. Dry cleaning your Skin one to three times a year is fine, depending on how often you use it. While certainly helpful, the problem with dry cleaning is that it uses strong chemicals which are dangerous for both the fabric and the environment. So, as we said earlier, don’t overdo it.

Washing your Brummell Jacket

Make sure to remove the Skin from your Jacket, along with the shoulder, back, and elbow pads. The Brummell Jacket can be washed in a washing machine but on lighter settings. A gentle wash at a maximum of 30°C is recommended. Avoid tumble drying and ironing the jacket at all costs. When it comes to drying, a line dry in shade is the only way to do it properly. 

Spot clean stains

Since we are talking about keeping the fabric safe as long as possible, spot cleaning is a must. Instead of washing your blazer every time you notice a stain, spot clean instead. As the name says, spot cleaning focuses on only cleaning the part of the blazer that was stained. If you properly do it, you will avoid tearing your Brummell Blazer. Not to mention the economic benefits as you save yourself from using the washing machine regularly. 

Don’t overfill the pockets

Another thing that may seem trivial to some is overfilling the pockets of your blazer. We often need to carry a number of items with us and stuffing them in our pockets seems like an ideal solution. Unfortunately, doing so may cause irreparable damage to the fabric around the pockets. Additionally, a stuffed pocket doesn’t look stylish at all.

Air frequently

The benefits of air drying and simply airing your clothes are numerous. It is one of the most important things you should do if you want to keep your blazer fresh. Since it spends most of the time in the wardrobe along with other clothes, the blazer will inevitably catch unpleasant smells. Airing it frequently is the way to prevent this from happening and increase the longevity of the overall blazer.

The Brummell Blazer is built to last. Nevertheless, it is still prone to damage if you fail to take proper care of it. Follow the tips above and the blazer will be your best friend for years to come.

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